Maria Olson

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Visiting Professor
Educational Work 2 School of Teacher Education

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Maria Olson is Professor of Educational Work at the Department of Teacher education, Dalarna University.

In 2008, Maria defended her dissertation in Educational Work 2008 at Linköping University with the dissertation "From nation-builder to global market nomad: on citizenship in Swedish education policy during the 1990s". The dissertation highlights various civic/citizen ideals (political, economic and cultural) that prevailed in Swedish education policy from the end of World War II until the turn of the millennium 2000.

Since her doctoral degree, Maria has been active at Stockholm University and the University of Skövde as a researcher and teacher educator, and has held the position of guest professor at Dalarna University since the autumn of 2018.

Maria's main areas of interest are educational policy, educational theory and educational philosophy. Her specialization includes issues that deal with the relationship between education, democracy and citizenship based on different approaches, with a special interest in the school's social science education subjects, especially social studies and religious education.