David Gray

Personlig presentation av David Gray

English School of Language, Literatures and Learning
Senior Lecturer English
English School of Language, Literatures and Learning


Board Member in Research Ethics Board


Council for Sustainable Development


David Gray is originally from Northern Ireland and holds a PhD in English literature from Ulster University (UK).


Since being employed at Dalarna University in 2014, David has taught a wide range of courses in English, across the three major disciplines within the subject: literature, linguistics and pedagogy. Working chiefly within the literature section, David regularly teaches and coordinates courses at all levels, online and on-campus, from undergraduate to advanced. In addition, he is a supervisor and examiner for the English literature bachelor's and master's thesis, as well as the degree thesis for teacher students (undergraduate/postgraduate) in English. 

Course Coordinator


David's current main research interests include studies in Early Modern and eighteenth-century literature, climate-change fiction and dystopian narratives. He has also been active as a researcher in literature teaching and learning.