Renée Flacking

Personlig presentation av Renée Flacking

Professor Paediatric Nursing
School of Health and Welfare

I am the Director of Doctoral Programme in Care Sciences, within the research area of Health and Welfare with Focus on Evidence-Based Practice. I am also the Director for the research centre Reproductive, Infant and Child Health (RICH), School of Health and Welfare.  


I am a Paediatric nurse and my doctoral dissertation (PhD) was completed at the Medical Faculty, the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Uppsala University in 2007. After my PhD, I conducted my postdoctoral studies 2009-2010 at Maternal and Infant Nutrition and Nurture Unit at University of Central Lancashire, UK. I started working as a Senior lecturer in 2010 at Dalarna University and I became Professor in Paediatric Nursing 2017.  I am the Director of doctoral programme in Care Sciences. I am also the Director for the research centre Reproductive, Infant and Child Health (RICH). 


I teach on undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level, mainly on research designs and methods. I supervise five doctoral students who are admitted to Dalarna University, Uppsala University, University of Iceland, and University of Turku.  


Together with Swedish and internationally active researchers, I conduct research in about ten projects concerning neonatal care. The projects that I lead concern: parenting after giving birth prematurely; early support interventions to parents while in neonatal units; and support from and to relatives/friends of parents whose infants are being cared for in neonatal units. A number of projects are about how we can improve support around breastfeeding when the baby is born premature. I am also involved in other projects relating to the mental health of children and young people.

Research projects