Personlig presentation av Peter M Jansson

Social Work School of Health and Welfare
Senior Lecturer Social Work
Social Work School of Health and Welfare

Teaching in the disciplines of sociology, social work, and social psychology with a focus on exclusion, stigma, and emotions. Research on violence in intimate relationships, violence against women, and therapeutic interventions against violence.


I started teaching sociology at Dalarna University around 2000, and at that time I had a master's degree in sociology from Örebro University, a bachelor's degree in pedagogy from Dalarna University, and an adult teacher's degree from Linköping University.

I did my doctoral studies at the School of Health in Jönköping and in 2016 I received my Ph.D. in social work on a thesis about men's violence against women.

The research is based on an emotional perspective on intimate partner violence, violence against women, violence against children, and therapeutic interventions against violence.


I teach sociology and social work in the social science program and the social work program, as well as independent courses in criminology and deviant behavior.


Course Coordinator


I am a senior lecturer in social work in the Department of Culture and Society at Dalarna University, Sweden. My area of specialization is the relationship between childhood experiences, masculinities, emotions, and intimate partner violence. My scholarship on the topic has appeared in Aggression and Violent Behaviour, Deviant Behaviour, Masculinities and Social Change, and Journal of Applied Social Science. The research interests include sociology of emotions, philosophy of science (i.e., critical realism, critical theory, phenomenology), social psychology (i.e., symbolic interactionism, role theory), and the clinical applications of theories of emotions and cognitive theories in therapy.

Research projects