Torsten Hylén

Personlig presentation av Torsten Hylén

Senior Lecturer History of Religion
Religious Studies School of Culture and Society
Associate Professor
Religious Studies School of Culture and Society

I teach and research in Religious Studies and African Studies, with special emphasis on Islam.


I have been active at Dalarna University since 1996. I received my PhD in Religious Studies at Uppsala University in 2007.


During 2022, I have only little teaching, mainly in African Studies. I teach Islam in Africa and supervise Masters' theses. In Religious Studies, I supervise theses on various levels.


My research largely is about the earliest history of Islam. At present, I work on a research project about early Shi'ism which is funded by the Swedish Central Bank Jubilee Foundation. I also work on a couple of articles about the historical Muhammad. Previously, I have written about apocalyptic ideas in contemporary Islamic extremism, and about theoretical issues within Religious Studies.