Research Day 2023 – Hitachi Energy

During the Research Day, two presentations relating to R&D were given by guest speakers from Hitachi Energy.
An audience listens to a presentation
Kristina Englund

Peter Hirdman presented “R&D projects at Hitachi Energy”. He described the function of surge arresters used to limit overvoltage, eg via lightning strikes and how they are made from circa 10 raw materials.  He presented two proposals for collaboration areas.  One, the analysis and follow-up with large quantities of parameter data; and two, the development of eg an internally accessible app to create reports and presentations based on provided data.

Alexander Elsiblanir presented “BIM - Building Information Modeling”.  BIM is a method for project collaboration using a single data environment which is accessible to everyone within the project.  Information from project members and stakeholders is collected in the 3D BIM model by a BIM specialist; a fourth dimension, time, can also be added.  Using the BIM model can help identify problems eg with a construction project prior to the physical construction which saves both time and money as it should result in fewer delays in the field during the actual construction. Alexander showed a 3D BIM model of a construction site at one of Hitachi’s facilities.

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