Measures to achieve a financial balance

On 15 January, negotiations took place concerning the operational changes proposed by the Schools and Central Administration in their respective action plans.

The operational changes that were approved mean that the University has now issued notices of potential redundancy to the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedling) to the equivalent of 20 full-time positions. This is a step in the University’s efforts to achieve a financial balance in 2024.  

– Naturally, I think this is extremely sad. We have worked intensively to find alternative solutions. For example, we have chosen not to fill several vacant positions, and we have also conducted a thorough review of the University's operational costs. Unfortunately, this has not been enough to avoid the situation we now find ourselves in. If you are an employee and are at all worried, please talk to your immediate manager, says Katarina Johansson, University Director.  

What happens now?

The University follows the statutory process for operational changes that can lead to redundancies and work shortage resulting from changes in an organisation’s financial position. The next step in the process is potential reassignment within the organisation.  


The University's action plans for a financial balance are the result of the comprehensive review of university operations that was carried out last autumn, the focus of which was on costs and revenues. The aim is to improve the University's planned results by SEK 42 million for 2024. The increase in costs has resulted primarily from inflation and higher operational and facility costs.  

Two of the measures that have been identified to improve results are to increase both student intake and performance as well as the amount of external research funding.

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