How can we make more efficient use of offices and workstations at the University?

This autumn, the University will be reviewing the use of offices and workstations at the same time as Språkhuset employees return to the main Campus Falun building. A new policy will be drawn up that explains how university premises can and should be used more efficiently.

As construction work reaches its final stages at Campus Falun and the work to build a new Campus Borlänge is underway, it has become apparent that a review of the current situation is needed. Therefore, the Vice-Chancellor has decided that a policy needs to be drawn up that examines the use of existing work stations, offices and premises. The aim is that there will be more efficient and sustainable use of these, with a further focus on the physical and social work environment that has enjoyable and stimulating areas and places to meet.

Språkhuset staff to return to Campus Falun

While construction work was underway in the main campus building (Hyttan) in Falun, the School of Language, Literatures and Learning has been housed in the modular building known as Språkhuset. The date of completion for the move from Språkhuset is set for mid-March 2023 and will mean a need for about 50 new offices/workstations. To date, there is no decision as to where these will be on Campus Falun. Work in this area will begin in September

What happens now?

A workgroup will draw up a policy this autumn 2022. Coordinating the work will be the Office of Campus and Facilities Planning.

At the same time, a workgroup will also review the needs of Språkhuset employees and employees who are stationed in the Campus Falun buildings Hyttan and Smedjan. The workgroup will include representatives from the university schools based in Falun as well as their support functions. The workgroup will examine whether needs have changed and whether there can be an optimisation of the use of offices and work stations should, for example, more employees choose to work remotely as a result of the new agreements in place for TA staff members. As the work is underway, the project team for the new Campus Borlänge will be involved.

Facts: Why is a policy needed?

From both an economic and a sustainability perspective, there is a need to review the use of university premises. The pandemic has also presented new parameters. More employees can now choose to enter a contract with their line managers that allows them to work remotely. The policy should result in better ways to regulate offices and workstations that are designed to allow for a variation between campus-based work and remote work.

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