Maria Thulemark

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Senior Lecturer Human Geography, Human Geography
Senior Lecturer Human Geography, Human Geography
PhD, Human Geography

I am a senior lecturer in Human Geography. Assistant head of subject responsible for Tourism studies and Human Geography. And teach mainly in Tourism studies.

Within CeTLeR - Center for Tourism and Leisure Research, I am the assistant leader and work mainly with external relations and collaboration between academia and the tourism and hospitality industry. For more info please see:

My research is primarily focused on the tourism labor market, tourism-related migration and tourism development and its significance for the countryside.
During the years 2008-2015 I was a doctoral student enrolled in Human Geography at Örebro University. My dissertation "Moved by the Mountains - migration into tourism dominated rural areas" discussed regional development linked to tourism where I studied in-migration to mountain tourism resorts in Sweden (Dalarna) and New Zealand (Otago). The focus were on motives for relocation its connections to the tourism industry as a labor market. My studies were both quantitative and qualitative.

I am currently the project manager for the research project "No room for Trafficking - hotel employees' strategies for addressing and counteracting prostitution and sex trafficking". I am also part of the research projects MARA and Miranda, which study sustainable mobility solutions and infrastructure planning in rural areas hosting larger tourism destinations.