Personlig presentation av Anita Purcell Sjölund

Lecturer English, English
Doctoral Student, English

Originally from New Zealand.  I have worked at Dalarna Univrsity since 2003.  I teach a variety of courses including literature, writing, presentation and oral discussion techniques.  Before working at Dalarna Univesity, I worked for nearly 20 years as a journalist, programme producer, and presenter for organisations such as Radio New Zealand International,  Deutsche Welle in Germany, and as a freelance journalist for Agence France Presse.  I have postgraduate degrees in English literature, political sociology, and indigenous studies.  My research areas are:  representation of minority and indigenous cultures in the media, literature studies,  and colonial, post-colonial, and transcolonial discourses.  Currently,  I am finishing my doctoral studies at Goldsmiths University of London on the representation of indigenous and minority communities, and subversive discourse strategies in transnational hybrid television genres.