Urban Claesson

Professor History, Religion, History
I am responsible for Science of Religion at Dalarna University, Vice Director of Research for Education and Learning at the Department of Educational Sciences, and responsible for the collegiate research group in Educational History.

I am a church historian with particular interest in how church and society affect each other. This is especially interesting at a time when religion in new ways has become appreciated as a factor of explanation in terms of social change. My dissertation focused upon how the Swedish Social Democracy in the early 1900's became a national movement, and how and why this social democratic movement also included the Swedish Church as a national church  for a modern nation, from being very critical to the church of the past. In a later project, I have analyzed the so-called pietism and its breakthrough in Sweden in the late 1600s. In a new interdisciplinary project, I analyze, together with other Scandinavian researchers, the Lutheran household in the historical making of Nordic societies.