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CeTLeR works to increase excellence and processes within the field of tourism through research and development. CeTLeR will be the obvious meeting point between Dalarna University and regional business and industry, increase competence and research collaboration with the industry of tourism and leisure.


The aim of CeTLeR is to develop collaboration between the tourism and service industry and the university and in such a way strengthen the industry as well as knowledge and understanding of industry needs.

This is why it is important for us to work with collaboration to serve both education and research in the field.


The research that is being conducted in the fields of tourism and leisure involve the analysis of the development of tourist destinations, the marketing of destinations, the effects of events, tourism as a means of employment, and issues of mobility and sustainable development. In particular, research focuses on issues that deal with the development of destinations and tourism and leisure in rural settings.

The following is a list of current CeTLeR research projects:

  • Karriärvägar och mobilitet inom svensk besöksnäring (Leisure and Tourism in Sweden: Career Paths and Mobility) (Financing BFUF)
  • Representationer av samer och rennäring inom turism(Representations of Sami and Reindeer Husbandry in the Tourism Industry) (Financing FORMAS) 
  • Entreprenörskap och innovationer i små turismföretag (Entrepreneurship and Innovations in Small Tourist-Related Businesses) (Financing Dalarna University) 
  • Utvecklingsprocesser i klusterinitiativ inom besöksnäringen (Development Processes in Cluster Initiatives in the Tourism and Leisure Industry) (Dalarna University and Karlstad University) 
  • Forskning om turismutveckling i perifera, arktiska miljöer (Research on Tourism Development in Remote, Artistic Environments) (Collaboration with KTH) 
  • Utveckling och utvärdering av evenemang i Dalarna (Development and Evaluations of Events in Dalarna (Financing Dalarna University and regional stakeholders)

See a list of our completed projects in our database.

Board Members

The centre has its own board, the aim of which is to assist with the strategic direction of the centre. The board comprises both external representatives and university staff members.

External Representatives
John Armbrecht, Representative, Centrum för Turism
Robert Pettersson, Director of Collaboration
Lotta Magnusson, Strategist, Region Dalarna
Petra Lindberg, Programme Director, Kurbits

University Staff Members
Susanna Heldt Cassel, Director of Centre
Helén Holmquist, Administrator
Sigrid Saveljeff, Collaboration Director
Johan Håkansson, Acting Head of Research
Tobias Heldt, Head of Department

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