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As an inbound exchange student, you will spend either one or two semesters with us before returning to your home university to complete your studies. The exchange may be an Erasmus exchange or may be part of the Nordplus network or a bilateral agreement that we have with your home university.

Once you are nominated by your home university, you must apply for the exchange through our International Office.

As of autumn 2018, new application procedures will be in place. The nomination and application process for inbound exchange students, Steps 1 and 2, will be published here in the near future.

Apply for Courses - Spring 2018 Only

Now apply for your courses: this you do one semester at a time. If your exchange period is for more than one semester, you will apply for courses for the second semester when you are in Sweden.

Note that to apply for a residence permit, you must take courses totalling 30 credits per semester. Course descriptions will indicate how many credits each particular course is worth.

Choose Your Courses

When choosing your courses,

  • check the language of instruction
  • check the location - Falun or Borlänge (flexible means online)
  • check which semester the course will be taught
  • check your eligibility: for the Admission’s Office at Dalarna University to assess your eligibility, you must include a transcript of records that is in English (a translation is acceptable) that you upload as a PDF - file size max. 4 mb).
  • include your grades and qualifications from upper secondary school if you are applying to a language course
  • search for the course code: click on the course link to access the course syllabus
  • full-time studies = 30 credits/semester
  • you may register for a maximum of 45 credits per semester
  • there is no official break for Christmas: see our Academic Calendar webpage

Courses suitable for second-year undergraduates are at the G2 level: this is indicated by the first digit (2) in the course code. Check admission requirements in the syllabus – you may also be eligible for master's level courses, indicated by the A in the course code .

Course Application

Course Application for Exchange Students

If you do not meet with the eligibility requirements of a course or if one of your courses is cancelled, you are welcome to apply for other courses.

To assess your eligibility for courses, we need you to include an official Transcript of Records (in English) with your online course application.

Application Dates for Courses

March 15 - April 15 (every year - for the autumn semester)
September 15 - October 15 (every year - for the spring semester)

Certificate Proving Your Intention To Study Here

If you apply before the deadlines (see Step II), then the Admissions Office will email you a certiifcate stating your intention to study here. This is called a "certificate of anticipated participation" in our student administration system Ladok.

Late applications are ranked according to the date they arrive, provided they are complete.

Step 4: User Account

At the start of your studies, you need to create a user account: this is also called an electronic identity. You will use this to access a wide range of information about your studies and courses as well as our network services, such as the printers and the library.

Go to https://activate.du.se/Contact : choose the "New Electronic ID" option.

Step 5: Submit Your Certificate of Anticipated Participation (Erasmus Students Only)

Once you receive a certificate of anticipated participation from the Admissions Office, you need to email us your approved Learning Agreement from your home university (this is obligatory for Erasmus students only). Include the course names and codes in the Learning Agreement.

Learning Agreement Form (Word doc)

Email your Learning Agreement to the International Office: ioffice@du.se.

Step 6: Registration, Roll-Call and Decline Place in Course

Registration and Roll-Call

To secure your place in your course(s), you need to register online and because you are an exchange student, you must also register when you are on campus on the first day of the semester. You also need to confirm your place in the course by attending  the roll-call:

Registration and Roll-Call (webpage)

Decline Place in Course

If you do not want to retain your place in a course and have not registered for it yet, email support@du.se so that you can free up a place for students on the waiting list.

If you have registered for a course but no longer want to take it, email support@du.se at the latest three weeks after the course start date.

Step 7: Newly Admitted Student - Get Started

Now that you have your place at Dalarna University, you will want to know what happens upon your arrival and what sorts of things you need to consider before you leave your country.

We have developed a series of pages that will help you plan: begin by visiting our webpage entitled Newly Admitted Student?

There you will find information about everything from our pick-up service to accommodation and insurance - as well as what will be happening the first week you are here.

We look forward to welcoming you at the start of the semester!

Step 8: After Your Exchange

Transcript of Records

Upon completion of your exchange at Dalarna University, you will need to access Ladok to get your Transcript of Records (Ladok is the student administration system for registrations and credits).

Log on to the Ladok Student Interface to access your Transcript of Records and follow these steps:

i. Click on "Select higher education to login"
ii. Click on "Certificate" in the top horizontal menu
iii. Click on "New offical national transcript of records (in English)

Confirmation of Departure

You need to confirm your departure to mark the end of your exchange. This you do by scanning and emailing the Confirmation of Departure form (that you need to request from your home university) to ioffice@du.se. Alternatively, you can put the form into an envelope addressed to International Office (Falun or Borlänge), and put this in the post box in the main hall (Campus Falun) / the post box outside the International Office (Campus Borlänge).

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