No matter where you are in the world, you can study Spanish at the Department of Spanish at Dalarna University. We offer web-based courses, which means that all lectures and seminars take place online using our virtual learning platforms. The courses do not involve any on-campus meetings – not even for examinations. However, the courses do still comprise compulsory seminars at specific times.

You can choose courses in language, literature and culture, and you can take a course-load ranging from 7.5 to 30 credits per term. At the first level 2 (the former C-level), you must choose between studies in literature or linguistics. This way you will be better prepared for studies at the advanced level in one of these subject areas. If you study Spanish Level 2 with us (the former C-level), this may also be included as the major in a bachelor's degree.

Many of our teachers are native Spanish speakers, which guarantees an authentic language experience.

On our website Students Speak (Swedish text), you can meet students and ask them about their experiences studying Spanish at Dalarna University.

Here, you can also find information about the technology required to study with us.