Health risks made visible using video - The PIMEX-method

It is difficult to convey the health risks caused by air pollution, noise, vibration, muscle activity and electromagnetic fields in a way that they can be understood. Written reports have their limitations.

Use visualisation to create understanding

The PIMEX method means that work environment problems can now be made visible. The method is based on videoing and taking measurements while a person is performing his or her day-to-day work. The measurement results are presented graphically in the video film.

Using film has proved to be very successful, not only for investigating the causes of environmental problems but also for setting in motion improvements in the workplace.

How the method works - video presentation (approx. 4.20 min)

Pictures from the video presentation.
What do I need to see the video presentation above and the examples on the right?

Greater acceptance of change

Management and staff who have used the method agree that PIMEX is superior to written reports. They say that the video film just makes it so much easier to understand the causal connection.

The staff have been stimulated to change both their working routines and the technical aids they use. They have also become much more interested in work to improve the working environment now that they realise they can have a part to play in changing things. The motivation of the management too has increased as the solutions often don’t have to be all that expensive.

PIMEX is used to show the link between the health risks a person is exposed to and what he or she does. To give an idea of what it has to offer, below are some examples from workplaces where the method has been used.

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Children playing at a nursery.Noise at a nursery
Arc welding.Electromagnetic fields in arc welding
A person using an angle grinder. Hand and arm vibrations when using an angle grinder
A person driving a mini-tractor.Whole body vibrations on a mini-tractor
A person cleaning a printing press.Exposure to solvents in printing press cleaning
Checkout cashier. Muscle activity in checkout operator
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