Öppet seminarium 22 november

Öppet seminarium CeTLeR 22 november 2019

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Välkomna på öppet seminarium fredagen den 22 november kl.13-14.00 sal 321 campus Borlänge!

Jonathan Yachin kommer att presentera sin forskning om microföretag inom besöksnäringen under rubriken:

“‘Making do’ in rural tourism: Entrepreneurial re-interpretation of local resources”


By sustainably utilising local physical and immaterial resources, entrepreneurs can condition the potential for rural tourism development. Thus, knowledge about the resourcing behaviour of tourism micro-firms is paramount to understanding their role in promoting sustainable tourism. This study explores how rural micro-firms engage with their spatial environment to design tourism value propositions. Our analysis is based on interviews with eighteen owners-managers of tourism micro-firms in rural Sweden. We portray spatial bricolage as a resourcing behaviour building on the re-interpretation of existing resources, the unique features of the destination as well as community involvement. The findings suggest that resource transfer facilitates sustainable development as it enables long-term planning and validates the entrepreneurs’ operation. Moreover, small-scale enables rural tourism firms to utilise local resources in ways that are not exploitative and do not disturb other stakeholders. Finally, we propose entrepreneurial bricolage as a framework that enables the description, explanation and exploration of the modus operandi of tourism micro-firms. Thus, it constitutes fertile ground for further research and theoretical advances of tourism entrepreneurship in general and in the context of sustainability in particular.


Jonathan Moshe Yachin is a member of CeTLer, the Centre for Tourism and Leisure Research at the University of Dalarna, Sweden and a doctoral student in tourism at Mid-Sweden University in the Department of Tourism Studies and Geography. His research focuses on entrepreneurial behaviours in tourism micro-firms in rural areas.

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