Personlig presentation av Peter Hultén

Professor företagsekonomi, Företagsekonomi
Professor i företagsekonomi

Research areas

  • ·      B2B and Consumer marketing
  • ·      Entrepreneurship
  • ·      International Management
  • ·      Pedagogical research
  • ·      Team creativity

I have a broadresearch background, which includes publications in B2B marketing, consumermarketing, international (crisis) management, entrepreneurship and pedagogicalresearch. I’m currently initiating a research project on team creativity, whichis an area of great importance for several societal sectors. Specifically, I’minterested in factors behind teams’ innovative capabilities, their problemsolving, how they identify opportunities in the market, and ways for creativepooling of resources. My research on creativity will also include methods to enhancestudents’ creative competence.