Personlig presentation av Jingchun Shen

Univ lektor byggteknik, (Tjänstledig) Byggteknik
Hon är byggnadsforskare, maskintekniker och ämnesredaktör för redaktionsnämnden för journal, Buildings, WELL AP i Sverige, och engagerad i undervisning i Högskoleingenjörsprogram och Magisterprogram.

She is a building researcher, mechanical engineer, WELL AP in Sweden and serves as a subject editor for the editorial board for buildings and a board member of the MDPI group (applied science, sustainability, energies). , and is passionate about: 1) future climate adaptation / resilient building design, 2) building-integrated solar technology, 3) simulation of urban and building clusters, 4) digital twin technology application and 5) indoor health quality.

She participates in course development in energy efficient building (7.5 credits, BY3001), Energy Performance of Building Simulation & Analysis (IDA ICE software, 5 credits, ABY22W), Solar Thermal (7.5 credits, EG 3007), Sustainable Green Building Rating System (2.5 credits, BY3004), BIM in the construction process (5 hp, GBY2GC) and energy projects (7.5 credits, BY2022).

She works in the team for construction technology where she exhibits for groundbreaking research projects and high-performance tools for building design and analysis. She links the creation of these educational and academic offerings with the commitment to constantly improve construction technology to enable students to create sustainable design and new research.