Personlig presentation av Wei Hing Rosenkvist

Fil dr, Kinesiska
As a PhD, I am responsible for supervising student BA thesis, as well as conducting research for intercultural competence and teaching Chinese as a foreign language.
Univ lektor kinesiska, Kinesiska

As a Chinese language instructor with more than 10 years of experience, I have focused my research on innovative and creative pedagogies to improve both teaching and learning in Internet-based Chinese as a foreign language education.

Due to the rapid globalization in the 21st century, new perspectives are needed to integrate intercultural competence in foreign language education.  With a response to this challenge, I have conducted action research in a virtual classroom setting in the past 4 years. My PhD dissertation explored how the cross-cultural differences between China and the West affect language acquisition and how student intercultural communicative competence can be developed by emphasizing intercultural communication content in an actual Chinese language course at DU. Future research will focus on new approaches for enhancing cross-cultural proficiency in Chinese foreign language education.