Vera Nigrisoli Wärnhjelm

Personlig presentation av Vera Nigrisoli Wärnhjelm

Univ lektor italienska, Italienska

Vera Nigrisoli Wärnhjelm received a MA in Modern Language and Literature at the University of Macerata (Italy) and in 2000 her PhD in Italian Philology at the University of Stockholm. Since 2006 she is Senior Lecturer in Italian and Head of Subject for the Department of Italian Studies at Dalarna University.

Her main fields of research are the edition of various typologies of texts from the seventeenth century, the cultural relations that existed between Italy and Sweden in the Early-Modern period and e-learning language didactics. She is the author of numerous essays on Queen Christina of Sweden and her court, as well as on the relations of Italian travellers in Scandinavia in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. At the Dalarna University she teaches in Italian modern and old literature, Italian language history and supervises essays in Italian literary and cultural history.