Restless, poor and unintelligent?

Utbildningsvetenskapligt seminarium med Madeleine Michaëlsson, lektor i pedagogiskt arbete vid Högskolan Dalarna.
Datum: , kl 13:00 - 14:30
Plats: Campus Falun
Lokal: Selma och digitalt via Zoom

Seminariet hålls på svenska.

In educational contexts and since classic ancient times, we judge the abilities of self-control, focus and attention as desirable personal qualities. Commonly we view uncontrolled expressions of emotion as a sign of the weak-minded and unprincipled who are enslaved by their emotions and bodily needs. This view has stood up through shifting pedagogical paradigms; from Pythagoreans, Epicureans and Pyrrhonism, through the monastic schools of the middle ages and into the era of mass education.

Restless and unfocused pupils engage teachers, teacher educators and researchers in order to manage overactive behaviour, lack of impulse control and difficulties in concentration. There are different technology solutions for this challenge, such as behaviour management strategies, social skills training programmes, classroom tools and neuropsychiatric investigations. The results of this study raise questions about basic assumptions with long historical roots in educational contexts.

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