Identifying Social and Cultural Capital for Sustainable Tourism Development in the periphery

Seminariet sker på engelska och äger rum fredagen den 17 september klockan 13.00-14.00 via Zoom.

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Datum: , kl 13:00 - 14:00
Plats: Zoom
Albina Pashkevich, Docent

During this seminar, Albina Pashkevich talks about her experiences of doing a joint field work in Southwest Greenland together with anthropologists and natural scientists (Heikkinen et al. 2020). In order to understand the range of context-specific promises and problems connected to tourism development the diverse natural, cultural and political histories of the area needs to be understood. Our joint activities and time spent together with the local stakeholders helped out to realize how a range of small, decentralized and interconnected economic activities together can contribute to development of current and future tourism.

As a result of this multidisciplinary approach several possible ways to the development were suggested, emphasizing the necessity of concerted efforts by public authorities to support targeted educational programs and further development of communication infrastructure (digitalization) in order to improve the foundation for decentralized network economies.

Heikkinen, H. I., Bjørst, L. R., & Pashkevich, A. (2020). Challenging Tourism Landscapes of Southwest Greenland: Identifying Social and Cultural Capital for Sustainable Tourism Development. Arctic Anthropology, 57(2), 212-228.

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