Forskningsseminarium: Turism / CeTLeR

Jörgen Elbe, Högskolan Dalarna, presenterar: "What is destination management?".
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Datum: , kl 11:00 - 12:00
Plats: Campus Borlänge
Lokal: Högskolan Dalarna, Sal 245
Jörgen Elbe, Professor företagsekonomi

Titel: "What is destination management?"


Can a destination be managed? A destination is not a hierarchy, so is it actually appropriate to talk about management? Over the years, I have considered these issues (among others). I will provide an overview of my research in this area, and I will present some of my findings.

My research is mainly conducted from a sociological perspective and is of an interpretative character; as such, there are opportunities to discuss not only my findings but also my research approaches.