Forskningsseminarium: Turism / CeTLeR

Emily Höckert från Linnéuniversitetet föreläser: "Thinking with Hospitality".
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Datum: , kl 13:00 - 14:00
Plats: Campus Borlänge
Lokal: Högskolan Dalarna, Rum BC
Presentatör: Emily Höckert

Emily Höckert's talk approaches tourism ethics at the crossroads of hermeneutic phenomenology and postcolonial philosophies of hospitality. By drawing attention to the idea of 'the how is the what', it asks how thinking with hospitality can shape the ways in which we encounter and dwell with multiple others. The idea put forward suggests that hospitality, responsibility and care all require a readiness to interrupt one's own ways of doing, knowing and being.

Short Bio
Emily Höckert is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Tourism Studies at Linnaeus University in Sweden, in the Department of Organisation and Entrepreneurship. She is the author of Negotiating Hospitality (2018) and co-author of Disruptive Tourism and Its Untidy Guests (2014), which discuss relational ethics in tourism settings.

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