Forskningsseminarium: Turism - CeTLeR

"The question of authenticity in Sámi tourism: the role(s) of labels and web marketing"
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Datum: , kl 13:00 - 14:00
Plats: Campus Borlänge
Lokal: Campus Borlänge, sal BC


Authenticity is discussed and considered relevant in a number of different tourism enterprises. Sámi tourism companies are also involved with this kind of issue, but from a slightly different perspective.

Sámi culture has been a relevant attraction for several decades and many issues have been identified with the use of Sámi culture in Nordic tourism. One of the biggest problems is the fact that the Sámi are an indigenous population composed of different groups with different languages and cultural aspects. The Sámi often have to balance their culture's connection to the past and the lively contemporary cultural manifestations in a way that is attractive to tourists. The doctoral thesis presented in this seminar is concerned with the conceptualisation of authenticity from the point of view of Sámi entrepreneurs and especially the role of cultural certifications in the conceptualisation of authenticity. The certifications that are the foci of the study are those that have been created by the Sámi themselves and that are relevant for tourism operations.

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