DUCAS: Horn of Africa Workshop

Workshop with Dalarna University Centre for African Studies, DUCAS.

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Datum: , kl 12:15 - 17:00
Plats: Föreläsnigssal 3, Campus Falun och Zoom

Attend the workshop via Zoom: https://du-se.zoom.us/my/samtal130



  • Welcome
  • Group photo
    Lars Berge and Jenny Åberg, Faculty Director, Faculty of Humanities and DUCAS.


  • The First Muslims in Africa? Sources and Methods Regarding the Hijra to Abyssinia.
    Torsten Hylén, DUCAS.


  • Building the State in Eritrea: Sources and Epistemology.
    Uoldelul Dirar, Univ. of Macerata, Italy.


  • Swedish Mission, School and Egalitarian ideals in Ethiopia 1868-1935.
    Lars Berge, DUCAS.


  • Eva Poluha: Portrait of an Anthropologist at Work in Ethiopia.
    Judith Narrowe, Emerita Prof. Social Anthropology, DUCAS.


  • Concluding discussion. Horn of Africa today?
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