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CeTLeR bjuder in till forskningsseminarium på tema: Restructuring of the hotel sector in the wake of covid-19 - a focus on employees and work environments
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Elin Storman and Mija Thulemark

Titel: Restructuring of the hotel sector in the wake of covid-19 - a focus on employees and work environments


In this seminar, we will present the research project (funded by AFA insurance for 2020-2023) in which we study the consequences of restructuring and use of short time work allowance during the Covid-19 pandemic. The hotel sector, in which this study takes place, was heavily affected by the pandemic, resulting in extensive short time work allowances as well as redundancies and closures/bankruptcies. In this project approximately 80 interviews will be conducted with employees, former employees, managers, union representatives, and representatives from employment transition organizations. We are examining the effects for both individuals and companies as well as the sector, and the research project consists of three sub-studies: (1) Transition processes and individual consequences for dismissed hotel employees losing a temporary or permanent employment, (2) Transition processes and psychosocial work environment consequences for permanent employees, including the period of short time work allowance, and (3) Transition processes and local party relations with a focus on collaboration and lessons learned for future downsizing processes.

This project is a multi-disciplinary study with researchers from Work life Science, Human Geography and Tourism Studies. We are currently conducting interviews and will present the background of the project, the interview process and our ideas for further data collection and analysis.

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