CeTLeR lab and R&D in tourism

What is the CeTLeR lab, and how has it been used in R&D projects within tourism, leisure and mobility?

Datum: , kl 13:00 - 14:00
Plats: Campus Borlänge
Lokal: 320;
Arrangör: CeTLeR
Presentatör: Tobias Heldt

This seminar will present the background and development of the Centre for Tourism and Leisure Research’s data lab. It will also give a few examples of projects that have been possible to carry out thanks to the lab and its recourses, e.g. socio-economic effects of the Swedish Horse industry, Mobility and Accessibility in Rural Areas, The MIRANDA-tool and its use in planning for mobility and infrastructure investments in Sweden. The seminar will also showcase some of the tools developed and can be used by researchers in social sciences, for example, in place-based survey data collection.   

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