Causality in science (RePS)

Forskningsseminarium inom RePS
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Datum: , kl 13:30 - 15:30
Plats: Campus Falun
Lokal: Högskoaln Dalarna, Sal: Gässlingen

The aim is to show that causality itself is an important concept not only in our everyday scientific praxis, but also for our interpretation of scientific results and controversies. Further, the seminar investigates the relation between what could be called "plain causality", causality in treatment and causality from the perspective of public health.
The seminar is intended for students, academics, researchers and professionals from different research fields, and aims at a critical discussion of underlying assumptions of our professional/research practices.

Wide, Sverre, & Wide Boman, Ulla. (2013). Explanation and causal reasoning. A contribution to the interpretation of competing explanatory claims. Theory and Psychology, 23(6), 701-15.

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