Forskningsseminarium: Turism/Cetler

Forskningsseminarium inom turismvetenskap: "Sustainable Tourism Employment within Sweden", hålls på engelska.
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Datum: , kl 13:00 - 14:00
Lokal: Sal 328, Campus Borlänge
Tara Duncan, Professor Turismvetenskap


The sustainability of tourism is increasingly important to our societies and the environment. Stable employment, income earning opportunities and 'decent work', as the International Labour Organisation would describe it, are "at the heart of the sustainability debate" (Baum et al., 2016) and are the focus of this seminar. This seminar, the first in a series over the course of this year, will introduce the sustainable tourism employment research project funded by FORMAS.

Tourism is growing in importance within the Swedish economy. Yet, as seen in many other countries and destinations, the focus tends to remains on the economic value of tourism with little recognition of impacts of the associated increase in employment. Combined with this, research into tourism employment remains a relatively neglected area (Baum, 2015; Ladkin, 2011). Within the context of sustainable tourism employment, even less is known.

This seminar will introduce and discuss the importance of sustainability within tourism employment in Sweden and beyond. It will outline the research being undertaken and discuss the methods employed to undertake a systematic review of the literature. Taking a multi-stakeholder perspective and focussing on specific facets of tourism employment relevant to Sweden, this seminar will provide a stepping-stone for the future seminars in this series.


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