Product Design and Product Development

30 högskolepoäng

Start vecka 36, 2019

Join us for a semester of Product Design and Product Development studies!

You will learn about methods required in the various steps of the product development process, from the collection of requirements, via concept generation, to various “Design for “-tools ( also called DFX tools) to make the product easier to assemble, manufacture etc . In addition, you will learn how to best present your results. You will gain an understanding of the value of different steps in an effective mechanical design process, considering areas like startup, specifications, dimensioning, regulatory requirements and standards, drawing and CAD, design review, departmental requirements, testing, documentation, design approval, and product release.

To assist in the task of component dimensioning, you will learn about FEA, which is a computer-based method for solving engineering problems. This will provide the basis for understanding how the method can help in the solving of linear static problems. Emphasis will be on highlighting the approximate nature of the method and, consequently, the necessity of a critical approach to the results evaluation.

Towards the end of the semester, you will implement your skills in a job specified by a company: this may involve a specific product design project or general engineering work at the company.

Lectures, seminars and exercises, both individual and group, form the course.


  • Minst 90 hp inom ett högskoleingenjörsprogram i maskinteknik eller motsvarande; inkluderande CAD 7,5 hp grundnivå, Mekanik 7,5 hp grundnivå och Hållfasthetslära 7,5 hp grundnivå eller motsvarande kunskaper. Dessutom krävs dokumenterad språkfärdighet motsvarande Engelska B/Engelska 6 eller motsvarande kunskaper
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7,5 hp, 50%, Borlänge
7,5 hp, 50%, Borlänge
7,5 hp, 50%, Borlänge
7,5 hp, 50%, Borlänge