Swedish Politics and Society

30 högskolepoäng

Start vecka 36, 2019

The aim of the course package is to introduce students to a scientific understanding of Swedish society and politics with a focus upon the formation, preservation and variety of the Swedish welfare state in relation to European (EU) and other international perspectives.
The course package focus, therefore, on certain central theories and concept in philosophy of science enabling the students to critically reflect upon the foundation of scientific propositions and their legitimacy and validity. Furthermore, Swedish society and politics is introduced and discussed from a historical perspective in which the phenomenon of culture and society is clarified as a non-static phenomena, and hence that it is the internal and external processes that have reshaped and reformulated characteristics and the experience of Swedish culture and society. Here, special focus is upon both Swedish identity, migration and multiculturalism in a historical perspective, as well as the formation of the Swedish Welfare state, it´s school system and gender. The political aspects of Swedish society, for instance democracy and citizenship, is further discussed and problematized via studying the interconnectedness between the EU and the member states, especially Sweden. This part of the course package consists then in a basic presentation of the Swedish political system and the EU in their different levels of government, decision-making processes and division of power, and consists in discussing these issues in relation to different policy issues such as welfare issues. Lastly, the course package focus on Swedish welfare politics from a sociological perspective, in which the Swedish welfare politics is partly contrasted to international models and perspectives. In this part, students will discuss theories concerning the developments and effects of social and welfare policies, which highlight the relevance of class formations, gender differences and religious and political ideologies. Finally, the course discusses moral implications concerning statutory welfare policy.
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