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Dalarna University has developed its own Wiki, where students can simply and quickly edit pages. The University's wiki has a number of diverse subjects, and is used by both teachers and students to create and edit texts.

A wiki is a website whose pages can be simply and quickly edited by the visitors themselves.

The Dalarna University wiki is an excellent resource for group work since it allows group members to edit and update the same texts, and to provide comments and feedback on the work of others.

Log In

  1. Go to the address
  2. Click on "Log in, Register" at the top right.
  3. Log in with your Dalarna University username and password (the same you use for My Pages and Fronter). Be sure the box "Microsoft Active Directory" has been ticked.
  4. Next click on "Log in".

Instructions for Use

In the menu to the left on the wiki, there are some simple instructions explaining the basic functions as well as how to make internal and external links. The instructions are provided as a PDF and film.


To the left, there is a menu. Click on the heading "Ämnen/Subjects" and choose your subject of interest. Next locate the folder for the assignment or module you are expected to work on or find information about.

Create a New Wiki Page

To create a new page, click in the left-hand menu in the place where you want to create a new one. You will see the search path to where you are in the structure.

  1. Click on the heading "New Page" to begin the process of creating a new page. Next choose "Blank page" and click on "Create new page" towards the bottom right.
  2. Once you have created your new page, you can give your page a name and replace the text in editor ("This page has no content. Enrich Högskolan Dalarna by contributing") with your own text.
  3. Next click on "Save" to the upper left in the toolbar.

Comment on Content

  1. Use the "Add comment" function to comment on what the teacher has written.
  2. Next click on "Add comment" at the bottom left.
  3. You will receive confirmation that your comment has been saved in the yellow bar.
  4. You can add text or change your comment by clicking on "Edit"; if you want to delete your entire comment, click on "Delete".


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