User Account

After you have confirmed your study place with us, you need to create a user account (electronic identity), which will allow you access to a number of online services that will facilitate your daily life as a student here at the University.

Create Your User Account

Go to to create your account, including your password.

User Name and Password

Your user name has eight characters: all letters are small (ie. not capitals). An example of a student's user name is "v17abcde" (v = vår = spring: autumn semester is indicated with an h = höst = autumn); the year you commence your studies (2017); and the five letters that follow are based on your name.

To change your password, go to My Pages.

Account Closure

You will retain your user account throughout the time you are registered at the University.

  • Complete your studies in the autumn semester: your account closes March 1.
  • Complete your studies in the spring semester: your account closes September 30.

Storage Capacity

On My Pages, you can see how much storage you have left. If you require more, then contact

Some links below require that you are logged in as they link to your My Pages account.

Disk Usage and Quota

You can see how much storage space you have used and how much you have left. If you require more, then you can ask your teacher to email to request that you receive more hard-disk storage on your user account.

Forward Emails

You can choose to have all emails that you receive in your DU account forwarded to another email address: External Email Adress and Forwarding.

Printing (Photocopying) Account

You can see the balance of your printing (photocopying) account in My Account in My Pages. Register your card using the five digits that appear on your key card so that you can print out and photocopy from the campus machines.

Spam Filtering

Email that our system detects to be spam (ie, unsolicited advertisements and messages) can be filtered to a special spam folder.

Change Password

You can change your password on My Pages. The system will tell you if the password you choose is acceptable.

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