Study Tools

Students at Dalarna University have access to a number of online and digital study tools. Some of these are adapted to Dalarna University studies, while others you may have used before commencing your studies here with us.

You can install the programmes listed here onto your computer for study purposes. Please note that they are not be used for commercial purposes.

Upon completion of your studies, you must uninstall them from your computer.

Unfortunately, Dalarna University is unable to help students install programmes onto their computers; nor can the University provide support on questions related to them. Some programmes require that you log on to access licence information. Please note that it is prohibited to share the licence keys or log-in details.


Affinity consists of three different programs: Affinity Photo is used for photo editing and image processing, Affinity Designer is a vector-based program for creating graphics and illustations and Affinity Publisher is a publishing program used for layout. The programs are available for both PC and Mac.

More information about the programs (


See information about the installation and licence keys for Affinity (log-in required)

Learn: Learning Platform

Learn is Dalarna University's web-based learning platform. It is used for administrative and teaching purposes for all our courses and programmes, both web-based and campus-based.

More information about Learn

Direct link to Learn (log in required)

Digital Accessibility and Blackboard Ally

Everyone benefits when course content has been developed with accessibility in mind. In Blackboard Learn, the learning management system used by Dalarna University, you will find the accessibility tool known as Ally. Ally allows students to make best use of the material in the Learn course room because it can be converted into another format.

Alternative Formats

Thanks to Ally, you can use more accessible file formats that can help you to study more effectively depending on your situation. For example, if your eyes are tired or perhaps you want to get out for a walk, you can convert a PDF file to a sound file so that you can listen to the text instead. Another example is if you use a tablet and want to make notes and mark up a text, you can convert the file to an ePub. Ally offers you several alternative formats. Here are four of them:

Tagged PDF
This type of PDF contains tags and provides a logical structure for use with assistive technology. 

For viewing in a web browser and on mobile devices

Electronic braille
BRF version for use on electronic braille screens

Improved versions for simpler, quicker reading on a screen

Here you can read up about all the formats

Download Alternative Formats

To download a file in another format, click on the logo that looks like an A with a downwards arrow. You can find the logo to the right of every file in the course room in Learn.

Office 365

In collaboration with Microsoft, Dalarna University is able to offer Office 365 to its registered students.

More information about Office 365


NVivo is a programme that assists in the analysis of qualitative data (qualitative data analysis – QDA). You can use the programme to gather and structure your material and ideas for a project in a systematic way.

Contact the library at if you need help with NVivo.


See information about the installation and licence key for Nvivo (log-in required)


The programme EndNote can help you collect and organise your references. It makes it easier for you to insert references and to create a bibliography in a text.

Contact the library at if you need help with EndNote.


See information about the installation and licence key for EndNote (log-in required)


SpellRight can help you spell English words correctly.

You can read more about SpellRight on the Oribi website.


See information about the installation and log-in details for Stava Rex and SpellRight EndNote (log-in required)


SPSS is a statistical software platform.


Documentation (


Download installation media (log-in required)


SPSS Amos is a structural equation modeling (SEM) software.


Documentation (


Download installation media (log-in required)

TorTalk - Text-to-Speech Programme

The University offers you the use of the text-to-speech reading tool TorTalk. This enables you to listen to texts that appear on screens: for example, e-books and locked PDF files. TorTalk is useful for people who have reading and writing difficulties, or a first language other than Swedish. It can also be used as a means of study support. You can listen to both Swedish and English texts.

TorTalk is installed on computers in the Campus Falun library, as well as in a number of our computer labs: see information on our webpage Internet/Computer Lab Access on Campus.

You - staff and students - can download TorTalk to your own computers when you are logged in.


See information about the installation and log-in details for Stava Rex and SpellRight EndNote (log-in required)

Browse Aloud

BrowseAloud is an example of assistive technology that reads aloud webpage texts while highlighting the text being read. It also saves text in mp3 format and helps readers focus on particular sections of text. It is free of charge for the user.

More information about Browse Aloud

Course and Examination Schedules/Timetables

You can find your course and examination schedules (timetables) as well as details about your classrooms in the online system called TimeEdit.

Find your schedules in TimeEdit

The following two pages are in My Studies, so you must be logged on to access them:

Examination schedule: Borlänge

Examination schedule: Falun

Internet (Eduroam - Wifi)/Computer Labs on Campus

On campus, you can access eduroam, which is a secure wireless roaming access service (wifi) that is available in thousands of locations worldwide. You can also access a total of 12 computer labs on our two campuses.

More information about Internet/computer lab access on campus

Key Cards

This card gives you access to the university buildings outside regular opening hours as well as access to the computer labs. To borrow books from the campus libraries and photocopy/print, you will also require this card. Request a key card from the help desk at each campus after you have registered for your course(s)/programme.

More information about key cards

My Pages

Each student has access to a "My Pages" webpage that contains personal information and that lists a number of functions that will help faciliate you at all stages of your education at Dalarna University.

More information about My Pages

Direct link to My Pages (log in required)

Photocopying and Printing

To photocopy and print on campus, you need to buy credit for your myPrint account. You also need to follow certain rules that regulate how much you are able to copy: this is detailed in the licence agreement that the University has with Bonus Copyright Access.

More information about photocopying and printing

Sunet Survey

Sunet Survey is the University's system for questionnaires; it can also be used for course evaluations.

Direct link to Sunet Survey (log in required)

User Account

When you have confirmed your study place with us, you need to create a user account (electronic identity), which will allow you access to a number of online services to help facilitate your daily life as a student with us.

More information about User Account


If you have a user account at Dalarna University, then you also have a university email address. You need to use this address in all your communication with the University.

More information about Email

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