Data Analysis

To make a sound decision, a sound basis and analysis are required. By using data management and data analysis correctly, you can achieve these. Our commissioned education course package in Data Analysis focuses on the transformation of data to useful knowledge when it comes time for decision-making.

Focus: Transform Data into Knowledge

Everywhere you look, there is an abundance of data. The increased complexity in question formulation requires more advanced analyses as a means of distinguishing what is important, what patterns exist and what factors affect results and to what extent. Dalarna University can offer a course package to companies and organisations that want to discover new means of evaluating data and developing documentation on which decisions can be made.

Our course package in Data Analysis looks at the entire process, from the gathering and analysis of data to the presentation of results. The focus is on learning to understand statistical methods and data analysis.

This 30-credit course package comprises six modules. Certain prior knowledge can be validated, meaning that you do not have to take all six modules.

You can also take a 7.5-credit alternative since we have divided the 30 credits into four courses, each worth 7.5 credits. There can be no validation of prior knowledge in these courses.

What Will You Study?

The course package comprises six modules, and with each one, recorded lectures are included. Together, the modules take up the entire chain of data analysis, from collection and analysis to the way in which the results are presented in the best manner so that the best decision can be made.

For more information see What Will You Study?

Form of Instruction: When and How

All of the courses are taught online, which means you can study from the place of your choice, while the lectures are all recorded, which also means you can study at a time that works for you. This flexibility in time and place means that you can easily combine work with studies. You can watch the lectures when you want, pause them when you need to and return to them when you want to hear something repeated. In other words, you learn at a pace that suits you.

The lectures are saved on our learning platform Learn, where you can also find all the information you need to complete the courses as well as all the material you need. You can log in as a guest until you receive your personal log-in information.


After you have applied, you will be allocated a supervisor from the university who is chosen based on your background and your experience. The supervisor is your support for during the courses. If you decide to take the 30-credit course, we will carry out an initial introductory validation test to see what skills you already have and on that basis we can decide which of the modules you need to take.

Course Fee and Invoicing

The fee for the course package depends on how many modules/courses you choose to take. We can give you a price upon request. At the start of the course, you will be sent an invoice and will have 30 days in which to pay.


Application programme in Data Analysis


Ola Nääs
Course Director/University Lecturer Statistics
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Kenneth Carling
Programme Director
Telephone: 023-77 89 67

Moudud Alam
University Lecturer Statistics
Telephone: 023-77 88 54

Rickard Stridbeck
University Lecturer Statistics
Telephone: 023-77 88 56

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