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TURID is an interdisciplinary network of eight universities of the Nordic-Baltic region and their programmes in tourism, sports, health promotion, gastronomy and hotel management.

Participating institutions in TURID:

  • Multidimensional Tourism Institute
  • Arcada UAS
  • Satakunta UAS
  • Novia UAS (Finland)
  • Dalarna University (Sweden)
  • Tallinn University of Technology
  • Kuressaare College (Estonia)
  • Turiba UAS (Latvia)
  • University of Stavanger (Norway)

The TURID network was first established in 1998. Activities within TURID have included network support, intensive courses and mobility. TURID has organised intensive courses since 2000 in subject areas such as sports, health promotion, gastronomy, sustainable tourism, experience production, green care and event management. TURID has developed innovative co-creative and experience-based methods and practices linking theory with field work to bring together local stakeholders, students and educators.

The current project of the TURID network includes the creation of a joint curricular in blue well-being; carrying out of three intensive courses each focusing on developing the concept of blue well-being from theory to practice from different perspectives; finally, mobility of teachers and students among the partners and networking to foster an innovative spirit of TURID.

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