Learning Agreement
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Before your departure to the foreign University where you will complete your exchange, you need to have a written agreement showing what courses you will take while there. This written agreement is called a Learning Agreement.

After deciding on the courses you want to take, you need to:

  1. Prepare the Learning Agreement (find this on My Pages). This document shows that you can use the credits from your exchange courses in your degree at Dalarna University. It also shows that there is no course fee. The exchange courses do not need to match those you would have taken here; however, they still need to fit within your degree.
  2. Email the Learning Agreement (Word format) to learningagreements@du.se along with documentation showing your nomination for exchange studies.

We will complete and return to you a signed copy of the agreement as soon as it has been approved.

A preliminary Learning Agreement must be in place before the start of the semester and must be finalised one month at the latest after the start of the semester. You need to contact Dalarna University if there are any changes to your courses during the exchange.


Use this guide to find out how many credits you need to take:

  • Full-time studies within the EU, where ECTS credits are used: 30 ECTS per semester
  • Great Britain uses ECTS as well as CATS: 15 CATS = 7.5 credits (högskolepoäng)
  • Canada: 0.5 credits = 7.5 credits (högskolepoäng)
  • USA: at least 12 credits per semester
  • Japan and China: contact learningagreements@du.se

Programme Students with an Elective Semester

Contact your Programme Director, who will check that the courses during the exchange are at the university level and that they do not overlap the obligatory courses in the programme. Choose exchange courses that are not obligatory in the programme: apart from this condition, you can choose freely from courses at the university level.

Programme Students without an Elective Semester

Contact your Programme Director, who will check that the courses you plan to take during the exchange can be transferable to the programme and that they allow you to meet the programme objectives and therefore the objectives for the degree.

The courses you take during the exchange do not need to match exactly those you would have taken: your exchange studies are intended for you to benefit in other ways. The Programme Director decides which courses you can take (that is to say, those you will not have to take upon your return).

Freestanding Courses

Since your goal is to be awarded a degree from Dalarna University, you need to plan how you will use your exchange courses upon your return. Courses that are to be included in your degree cannot overlap other courses in content. Contact the Graduation Office (examen@du.se) if you need help with this.

  • If you plan to use the course credits in the major subject of your degree, then you need to contact the Subject Head. He or she will assess the courses to see that they can are within the major subject field of study. The Subject Head will also assess the level of the courses and the number of credits.
  • If you do NOT plan to use the course credits in the major subject of your degree, then it is enough that the Subject Head checks the level and credits.
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