Exchange Studies: Qualifications and Selection Criteria

The Vice-Chancellor determines the selection criteria for exchange studies in consultation with the International Relations Committee. While Dalarna University nominates applicants to exchange studies, it is the partner university that decides on admission.

Basic Requirements for Application

  • You must be registered in a course at Dalarna University and intend to graduate from here.
  • In terms of subject or faculty specific agreements, your director of programme can support an exchange without your having to meet the basic requirements.
  • If you are a non-programme student, you can apply for an exchange as long as you meet with the requirements.
  • If you are a non-programme student, you need to describe how the exchange will fit with your expected degree at Dalarna University (you can do this in consultation with a career counsellor).
  • You must be registered at least as a part-time student (50%) at Dalarna University the semester before the exchange begins.
  • You must have at least 60 credits, of which 30 were taken at Dalarna University, before the start of the exchange.
  • You must demonstrate that you studied at the normal pace of stud - i.e., full- or part-time studies in accordance with the tempo you were admitted to study.
  • Exchange studies are full-time.
  • You must be able to use the courses from your exchange in your Dalarna University degree.
  • You need to be competent in the language required for your exchange.
  • You need to be evaluated as being suitable for exchange studies and as being a good ambassador for Dalarna University.

If you meet with these requirements, you will be able to go on an exchange: note that on occasion, there may be competition for a position.


If more students apply than there are places available at the partner university, then a collective evaluation is conducted and a list of ranking drawn up based on the following criteria:

  • Study results at Dalarna University
  • Study results for courses at the university level
  • Certification/documentation of merit for roles of responsibility, especially at Dalarna University/the Student Union
  • If you have not been on an exchange before, you are given priority

To qualify, you must also agree to do the following:

  • Help promote interest in exchange studies
  • Evaluate the exchange at the end of the exchange period so as to benefit future students
  • Be involved with various information meetings about exchange studies upon return from the exchange to share experiences
  • For Erasmus+ exchanges, students must take two language tests: one before the exchange and one in conjunction with the end of the exchange

Special Rules

  • If you are taking online distance courses, you must reside in Sweden or must be a citizen in one of the countries that take part in Erasmus.
  • If you are a fee-paying student, you may be nominated for an exchange only if this does not mean a study period that extends past the date of your planned graduation from Dalarna University.
  • The Nordplus network is open to programme students only.
  • For exchanges in Australia, VG in Engelska A from upper-secondary school, or equivalent, is often required.

Processing and Decisions

International Relations Officers prepare applications in consultation with the Director of Programme or Head of Department. The proposal is finalised together with the Student Union, and the final desicion is taken by Head of the Education and Research Office. The reasons for nomination must be clear.

To be accepted by the host institution, you must also meet with its admission requirements. The role of Dalarna University is simply to conduct a selection of applicants to the exchange placements available and to recommend them to be exchange students. The actual decision on acceptance is made by the partner university. Decisions on nomination are final.

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