Traineeships: Where and When
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You find your own traineeship position, but to help you, we provide a list of websites to help you. If your traineeship position is within the EU, you can receive a scholarship. Positions outside the EU you must normally finance yourself.
Jana Brehmer and Evangelos Topalidis on a pier beside boats.
Jana Brehmer and Evangelos Topalidis, Adrenaline Tours Curacao

Traineeships Within the EU (Erasmus+)

You can complete a traineeship at a company, organisation, or research and education centre in any Erasmus country outside Sweden. You cannot complete an Erasmus+ traineeship at an EU institution or organisation that coordinates EU programmes.

You yourself must find your traineeship position and contact the organisation. Examples of webpages to begin your search are as follows:

You can also find other online services by searching the words Erasmus "internship" or "traineeship". The traineeship should somehow relate to your field of study; otherwise, there are no limitations. You can begin planning for a traineeship as early as your first semester.

You can complete your traineeship any time from your first semester of university study and up to 12 months after completion of your studies.

The traineeship must be at least 2 months long and at the most 12 months long. You can do a traineeship during the summer holiday period or use your traineeship time for research and preparation ahead of your degree project.

Traineeships Outside the EU

You must yourself organise a traineeship that will take place in a non-EU country.

See, for example, traineeships in the United States on The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce of the United STates of America (website).

Where have our students completed traineeships?

The following is a selection of countries and places that our students have chosen to complete a traineeship:

Solar Energy Engineering

  •    Society for the Reduction of Carbon – UK
  •    Organizzazione Umanitaria – Italy


  •    Visit Sweden Amsterdam – Netherlands
  •    Ishestar – Iceland
  •    Cowboys and Heroes – Ireland
  •    Adrenaline Tours – Curacao
  •    Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Schiphol – Netherlands

Political Science 

  •  Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (UN) – Czech   
  •  Transparency International Berlin – Germany

Audiovisual Studies

  •   Sebastian Watzinger Music Production Nurnberg – Germany
  •   Dark Matters – Denmark

Graphic Design

  • Limbs & Things – UK
  • Core Lightning – UK

Business Studies

  •   Arla Foods – Denmark

Human Resources   

  •   Zen24 – Malta
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