Traineeship Financing
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An Erasmus+ programme means you can apply for a scholarship. An employer may also pay you a small wage. If you receive CSN student funding in Sweden and your traineeship is for university credit, you can retain that funding during the traineeship period.

Erasmus+ Scholarship

To receive this, you must complete a traineeship within the EU. This will help you cover some of your living expenses. The grant amount for a traineeship is 525 €/month for Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Liectenstein, Norway and Great Britain. For other countries, the sum is 465 €/month (this amount may increase).

The number of scholarships is limited. You must apply for a scholarship before you start your traineeship - that is to say, you cannot be approved for a scholarship after the traineeship has ended.

CSN Student Funding

If your traineeship is part of your programme of study, you can retain your CSN medel: see CSN-medel under utlandspraktiken (Swedish webpage).

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