After Your Return
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When you return we look forward to hearing your opinion about the internship period. You will fill a survey and send us a testimonial which we will publish on the DU webpage.
UTS Sydney, Ida Stigen
UTS Sydney

After Your Return

  • You will receive a Traineeship Certificate from the employer no later than five weeks after you complete your traineeship
  • You will test your language skills online (if this is relevant to you).
  • You will receive an email with a link to an obligatory online evaluation for completion.

Your traineeship period will be entered into Ladok and will be included in the Diploma Supplement - a degree certificate appendix (so long as you have not already requested your degree certificate, in which case you will receive certification of your completed traineeship).

Your Testimonial

Please do also send us a testimonial and some pictures, with your consent to publish on the DU website

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