Erasmus+ Traineeships (Internships)

Erasmus+ traineeships - also called internships - are a great opportunity for you to experience another culture while receiving financial support and at the same time as you add a strong international dimension to your CV that will serve you well as you enter the job market.

Erasmus+ Traineeship: Rewards and Benefits

  • Gain work experience that will make you more attractive to potential employers.
  • Get the chance to work with interesting topics related to your education.
  • Improve your language skills and gain intercultural skills.
  • Receive funding to help cover living costs during the traineeship period.
  • Add an international dimension to your CV (such experience is commonly sought by employers when they are hiring)
  • Take advantage of a programme designed to help you take the first step into the job market.


During your traineeship period, you are covered by studentUT Insurance: see Insurance (webpage).

Incorporate Your Traineeship in Your Studies

Your traineeship will be registered in Ladok and will be included in an appendix (diploma supplement) in your degree certificate. If the traineeship is part of your programme - i.e., placement for credit - you will received university credits. The mobility period can also be included in your Europass, a document showing your credentials that you yourself create.

You can combine a traineeship with your studies, but the total period must be 3 to 12 months without a break. You can complete more than one traineeship - up to 12 months per level of study (undergraduate / master's / postgraduate).

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