In Sweden, medical  and dental services are provided by health centres (vårdcentral). In cases of emergency, you need to go to the hospitals in either Borlänge or Falun. Prescriptions and other medical products are bought at pharmacies (apotek) that can be readily found in all towns.


Landstinget Dalarna (the County Council of Dalarna) manages medical and dental services in the province.

To make an appointment with a doctor, phone your nearest health centre (vårdcentral):

An automated message will ask you to leave your telephone number: a nurse will then return your call.

To make an appointment with a dentist, phone your local Folktandvård centre: you can find the details of each centre using the function "Hitta din klinik" on the Folktandvården Sverige webpage.

Online Healthcare Information

The 1177 Vårdguiden is an online guide for questions about healthcare in Sweden. It answers questions about such matters as specific symptoms and diseases and the healthcare system itself.


EU Citizens

Bring your European Health Card with you when you go to the doctor. You will still need to pay a fee for your visit, so be sure to take a credit card for payment. If you lack a European Health Card, then you will have to pay the whole fee. In both cases, you will receive this money back through insurance after you complete and submit a claim form (pdf) (enclosing all original receipts) to Susanne Corrigox (address below).

Non-EU Citizens

When you go to the doctor, you need to pay a fee. You can either pay the fee right away when you are at the health centre or you can ask for an invoice to be sent to your home address in Dalarna. You can then submit a claim form (pdf) to get the money reimbursed. With the claim form, include all documentation (receipts, invoice, etc.) and send to Susanne Corrigox (address below).

For information about insurance related to this subject, see our Insurance webpage.


Apotek is the Swedish word for pharmacy/chemist. Here you can buy basic medical supplies and collect your prescriptions. Not all apotek are open on Sundays; however, Apoteket Kupolen (Borlänge) is open on Sunday and so is Apoteket Falu lasarett (beside the hospital) in Falun.

Check online for specific apotek for their opening hours.

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