Campus Falun Construction Work (Ventilation System) 2019-2020

In the coming months of 2019 and into 2020, construction work will be underway in the main campus building, Hyttan, in Falun. During this time, a number of classrooms and group rooms will be closed for use, and instead rooms have been made available in nearby buildings.
A view of Ljusgården, the main campus building at Campus Falun
Parts of Campus Falun, including LjusgÄrden, will be affected while the construction work is underway.

Why is the construction work necessary?

The current ventilation system and the technical capacity of the buildings are in need of modernisation and modification as they are not performing at an optimal level.

In conjunction with the replacement of the ventilation system, other renovations will be carried out on walls, floors and ceilings. LED lighting will be installed and interior details will be updated.

There will also be changes to the floorplan in Hus A so that we can meet the current needs for seminar rooms, group rooms and classrooms.

Temporary Classrooms

Classrooms that will be available while the construction work is underway are located in the buildings called Paviljongen (at Lugnet gymnasiet) and Lugnetkyrkan (the building beside campus).

There are a few group rooms and conference rooms in the buildings Hyttan and Språkhuset, which is the new office building in the carpark.


Staff Room

A new staff room will be constructed.

Construction Zone

From July 1, 2019, Hus A will be closed to employees and students, with the exception of certain areas:

  • The Reception and the Help Desk, as well as the hallway between the library and Ljusgården (the central zone of the campus building), will remain open.
  • The student dining area in the basement will remain open.
  • The classroom (streaming) A046 will remain open. You can reach A046 via the student dining area in the basement and via the stairway A2 from Ljusgården, the central zone of the campus building.

The construction zone will be clearly marked and closed off. Some areas, including the A2 area, will be shared by students, construction workers, teachers and other university staff members.


If you experience any issues or have questions related to the construction work, you can contact the Property and Facilities Management Office by email:

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