Often, there is a queue for student accommodation. To get into that queue, you need to register with the housing company in either Borlänge or Falun. This you can do even before you are admitted to the University.

If you are coming with family, contact the housing companies at least four months before the semester start with your specific family accommodation inquiry.

How to Register with the Housing Company

You register with either Tunabyggen in Borlänge or Kopparstaden in Falun, depending on your campus of study.

International Students at Campus Borlänge: Register for housing here. 

International Students at Campus Falun: Register for housing here.

After you register in the queue, the respective housing company will contact you. Note that just because you register does not mean that you will automatically be given accommodation as you still need to actively apply for accommodation after registration.

Accommodation Coordinators

Although the University itself cannot assist with accommodation, there are coordinators at both Tunabyggen and Kopparstaden who can. Email them at this address: contact@studentdalarna.se.

Falun or Borlänge?

Keep in mind your field of study when choosing where to live: the distance between Falun and Borlänge is about 20 kilometres. Note, regular buses and trains connect the two towns.

Fields of Study: by Campus

Campus Borlänge Campus Falun
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Economics & Business
  • Graphic Design
  • Technology & Engineering, Solar
  • Tourism
  • Culture and Languages
  • Health Care & Medicine
  • Languages
  • Media Studies
  • Sport & Health
  • Teacher Education

Types of Student Housing

The website www.studentdalarna.se provides information in English about alternative accommodation, such as rooms in houses or privately owned apartments.

You can also visit Blocket, a website (in mostly Swedish) that lists privately owned housing.

The following information may help you in your search:

  • stuga means cabin
  • lägenhet means apartment
  • ROK/R.O.K. means "room and kitchen"
  • 1 ROK means 1 kitchen and 1 room that serves as both living room and bedroom
  • 2 ROK means 1 kitchen, 1 living room and 1 bedroom
  • kvm = square metre

Falun - Housing Company Kopparstaden

In Falun, Kopparstaden is the company that owns the student housing called Britsen. It is especially popular among international students at Campus Falun. It offers individual unfurnished and furnished apartments in a corridor-like setting, each with its own kitchen and bathroom. From there, it takes about 25 minutes to walk to campus, 25 minutes to the train station, and 20 minutes to downtown. It is also located within a few minutes of a number of supermarkets.

If you would prefer to take the bus (perhaps you are studying in Borlänge), then there is one that runs from Britsen to central Falun (Knutpunkten), where you change to catch one to Campus Borlänge or Campus Falun.

Facts – Britsen:

  • Rooms/apartments about 23 square metres
  • Own bathroom, shower, small kitchen
  • Shared laundry facilities
  • Internet: included in the rent

Borlänge - Housing Company Tunabyggen

Tunabyggen in Borlänge offers student apartments and rooms in three different areas of town, all close to downtown, campus, sporting facilities and shopping. (There are other housing companies, such as Masmästeren, HSB, Riksbyggen, but they do not specifically cater to students.) The main building, Locus, is an incredibly social, international environment, the result being fun interactions such as internationally themed dinners, parties and conversation. There is a small gym/workout room and an activity room for social events.

Most student housing in Borlänge is located in an area called Tjärna ängar, a 10-minute walk to Campus Borlänge. Tjärna ängar is home to a large immigrant population (Sweden takes in large numbers of refugees and other immigrant groups): this makes for a vibrant dynamic, be it somewhat segragated from residential areas populated mainly by Swedes.

Facts – Locus:

  • Corridor: basic furnished room for sleep/study; 1 kitchen per 6 rooms; shared laundry
  • Shared apartments: own room; shared living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry
  • Internet: students organise this themselves

Temporary and Other Housing

There are other companies that you can contact, especially if you need temporary housing:



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