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Bibliography for:
Approved 6 Nov 2019

Japanese IV: Introduction to Linguistics (GJP23W)

V348V (Spring 2020, 50%, Day, Distance, Falun, Round 2, ORD)


  • Sakuma, J. (2004). Gengogaku nyûmon, A Guide to Linguistics (Any edition). Tokyo: Kenkyusha. ISBN: 978-4-327-40138-2
    Book / Anthology

Reference literature

  • Kuno, S. (1973). The structure of the Japanese language Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.
    Book / Anthology
  • Shibatani, M. (1990). The languages of Japan Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press.
    Book / Anthology
  • Tsujimura, N. (2007). An introduction to Japanese linguistics (2nd ed.). Malden, Mass.: Blackwell.
    Book / Anthology