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Bibliography for:
Approved 7 Sep 2023

Data Warehousing (AIK232)

H3EUF (Autumn 2023, 50%, Day, Normal, Borlänge, Round 1, ORD)


  • Inmon, W. H. (2005). Bulding the Data Warehouse (4th ed.). Indianapolis: Wiley. ISBN: 9780764599446
    Book / Anthology
  • Kimball, R., & Ross, M. (2013). data warehouse toolkit : the definitive guide to dimensional modeling (3rd ed.). Indianapolis, IN: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 9781118530801
    Book / Anthology
  • (2014). Beginning Oracle SQL for Oracle Database 12c (3rd ed.). ISBN: 9781430265573
    Book / Anthology
  • Moreover additional course literature from the Internet will be announced during the course, 300 pages..