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Bibliography for:
Approved 21 May 2021

English IV, Degree Thesis 2 for Teacher Students, year 7-9 (EN3070)

H39JE (Autumn 2021, 100%, Day, Distance, Falun, Round 1, ORD)


  • Cohen, L., Manion, L., & Morrison, K. (Eds.). (2018). Research Methods in Education (8th ed.). Routledge: London.
    Other:You can also use the 7th edition from 2011.
    Book / Anthology
  • McKay, S. (2005). Researching second language classrooms [Electronic resource]. London: Lawrence Erlbaum. Retrieved from
    E-book or PDF
  • Additional reading amounting to approximately 120 pages.

Reference literature

  • Litosseliti, L. (2010). Research Methods in Linguistics London/New York: Bloomsbury.
    Book / Anthology