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Bibliography for:
Approved 9 Jun 2020

Italian A: Grammar and Written Proficiency (IT1031)

H35KQ (Autumn 2020, 25%, Evening, Distance, Falun, Round 2, ORD)


  • Fragai, E., Fratter, I. & Jafrancesco, E. (2010). UNI.ITALIA. Corso multimediale di lingua italiana per studenti universitari. Con CD Audio formato MP3. Milano: Mondadori Eduction. ISBN: 9788800800747
    Book / Anthology
  • Trifone, P. & Palermo, M. (2014). Grammatica italiana di base. Terza edizione. Bologna: Zanichelli. ISBN: 9788808255549
    Book / Anthology
  • Andra läromedel tillhandahålls under kursens gång. / Other teaching materials are provided during the course.

Reference literature

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    Book / Anthology
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    Book / Anthology
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    Book / Anthology
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    Other:Eller en annan likvärdig ordbok / Or any equivalent dictionary
    Book / Anthology